Storage equipment

Any physical product put on the market must go through a transport and storage process, which requires storage equipment. There are many challenges to be met. From tiny items to those requiring more expertise for handling and storage, the needs are different from one to another.

Are your aisles narrow?

Are your shelves higher than average?

Several HELI’s models are builded for these situations.

HELI has developed over the decades a wide range of storage equipment to cope with multiple situations. Your reality is known at HELI, a point of honor is set to give you the solutions suitable for you. Several models of forklifts are optimized for narrow aisles. For lighter work, several models of pallet trucks are available to adequately meet your reality.

To increase your efficiency and reduce your operating costs, the solution for your handling challenges in your warehouse can be found in the HELI forklift truck range.

Warehouse with storage equipment.

Working conditions:

  • Demand end-to-end solutions that offer superior efficiency and productivity
  • Optimizing your facilities with dense storage and tall racking allow more products to be stored and handled with increased efficiency
  • Need equipment capable of working in these high-lifting, narrow-aisle applications

Suggested models: