You need tools, a sturdy and solid forklift for this environment.
But isn’t the real solution in more innovative equipment?
That’s exactly what Heli Canada is all about: innovation for better performance. Through diversified accessories, forklifts of all sizes and specialists in the field with extensive experience in machines and in the field.
Diversity is the key to your most demanding needs. A difficult environment and extreme conditions characterize the daily life of your drivers and Heli understands this very well. Seating, cage safety, task automation and driver support will effectively support your drivers.
Get your hands on the opportunity to use Heli Canada forklifts and our accessories. Choose reliability, versatility and expert advice and experience.

Working conditions :

  • Handle both the heat and the heavy lifting.
  • Dirty environments and uneven surfaces.
  • Need fully sealed air intake system and high air intake to keep dust and debris out and keep your equipment running longer.

Suggested models :

  • 3,000 to 17,500 lb capacity IC pneumatic forklifts