Beverage, Freezer & Food Storage

Working conditions:

Usually, food and beverages storage are cramped and difficult to use with pallet jacks. Our vehicles are designed to provide all the necessary manoeuvrability for small places. As loads are often high, its best to choose a type of internal combustion or battery powered to get all the power you need in a sustained manner.

Our vehicles are designed to withstand fast temperature changes and require very little maintenance. Regarding maintenance, parts such as pump, motor and hydraulic’s are protected by a sturdy housing with removable panels for easy access. Special attention is paid to the cab and for the operator’s comfort. A sturdy cage offering high visibility and ergonomic seat are some of the strong point of all Heli forklift.

  • With the increasing variety in product types and heavy seasonal demand, warehouse space is at a premium.
  • Need for a product that can safely maneuver in your aisles while still maintaining a high enough lifting capacity for those heavy beverage pallets.
  • Cold and wet environments

Models suggested:

  • All Class 3 and 4 models