HELI Canada, found by Mr. Guillaume Joyal and with its headquarter located in Drummondville City, is proudly the Exclusive Distributor for Canada of Anhui HELI Co. Ltd, which is one of leading OEM companies around the world in the forklift industry. HELI’s sales in Canada can date back to 20 years ago, HELI Canada is growing into one of the most important distributors of forklift in Canada.

HELI Canada is importing all models of the most complete forklift line-up in the industry, enabling its 27 dealers across Canada to satisfy all customer needs and national accounts. HELI Canada’s product offer covers all 7 classes ranging from electrical truck to rough terrain forklift trucks and provide sub-dealers with superior quality trucks with personalised configuration to satisfy end-users’ most cared needs on forklift trucks.

HELI Canada keeps constantly more than 350 trucks in its inventory making it the supplier that has one of the vastest inventory of forklift trucks and parts across Canada. Thanks to its rapid year-to-year sales growth, HELI Canada had to enlarge its warehouse infrastructure several times since its foundation. Other infrastructure expansion project is under conception.

More than 1700 models
512 truck styles
Covering 22 tonnage classes

As the exclusive distributor, HELI Canada’s mission is to set up a vast and strong national level dealer network devoted to promote HELI products and to help customers/end-users get the most valuable forklift trucks and services at any time and at any place. Always being capable to respond quickly to dealer’s request with its daily satisfactory parts and technical service, HELI Canada gained more and more reputation and confidence among dealers all over the Canada. Its dealer network is taking expansion ceaselessly in the past years. More and more dealer of other brand are switching to HELI Canada because they believe HELI Canada is empowering and helping them to make real success in their business.

As the leading Chinese brand of forklift in Canada, HELI product is becoming one of the most favourite brand in various industries and is recognized by the most rigorous customers such as CN, Air Liquid and SOPREMA. HELI Canada never stopped its steps to improve its product and service quality by really caring about customers’ any kind of needs or concerns.

With its qualified and diversified team who have a passion for forklifts and know the day-to-day challenges of running a forklift dealership, HELI Canada is committed to provide our customers with the safest, most productive and cost-efficient solution for their material handling needs.