Factory forklift and pallet truck

Each production or processing plant has challenges of logistics and handling. Several forklift and pallet truck types must be used from one end of the production chain to the other.

Heli has a full range of forklifts that will meet all of your handling challenges. Without a doubt, one of these will meet your needs.

Order pickers and electric pallet trucks can be used for light needs in warehouse and factory. As for cushion electric trucks and reach trucks with retractable mast, they will be able to supply all stages of your plant’s production in a reliable and efficient manner.

Either way, the solution to meet your needs and requirements is found in the Heli forklift range.

Worker on forklift trucks moving a pallet.

Working conditions:

  • Diverse set of handling needs requiring multiple types of forklift
  • Order pickers are required to pick up the parts, tugs to move them throughout the facility and forklifts to move the product pallets.

Suggested models: