HELI has developed rapidly since the beginning of the 21st century. In 2006 HELI was among the top 10 in the world for industrial vehicles. Today we aspire to becoming the leading manufacturer in the world’s industrial vehicle industry, as we keep improving.

Brand vision

Enterprise mission: “HELI lifting the future” 

Employees, customers, related shareholders, suppliers, ningxinjuli, work together to create more relaxed, more efficient, more environmentally friendly transportation equipment, continuously improving the quality of human life and work.

Our mission, “HELI lifting the future” is first and foremost a responsibility. As the first ever Chinese forklift manufacturer, HELI aspires to international status and the future development of enterprise and industry confidence within China. It also aspires to unite all forces, inspiring national brands to grow bigger, faster and stronger so as to penetrate the international market for industrial vehicles as soon as possible.”HELI lifting the future” as our mission, first represents a responsibility. As the first brand of Chinese forklift industry, HELI responsibility undertakes the responsibility of industry to enhance the international status; second is the future development of enterprise and industry confidence. Chinese as the first big market, we should have the international first-class brand, first-class enterprises and first-class products; third is to unite all forces, together to force national brands to grow bigger and stronger, to achieve rapid increase, as soon as possible into the international field of the first group of industrial vehicles.

Corporate Vision

“Hundred years HELI,  world top five”



HELI’s short-term goal is to enter the world top five in industrial vehicles.

“Hundred years HELI”  is our definition of the concept. HELI people constantly strive for progress as they grow the business bigger and stronger. HELI has expanded rapidly since the beginning of the new century. In 2006 we joined the world’s top ten forklift manufacturers. Today, as we aim at the top five, we build on our past success and the dynamism of our team.

Since the birth of HELI, carrying a lot of people’s hope. HELI vision is the inevitable requirement of the enterprise mission, is the leader of the high expectations of HELI, is the industry serve the country’s social responsibility, is to customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the public over the years, is beyond their own to be world-class incentive. Try to enter the world top five forklift industry, will work together to create a world-class brand, in order to achieve hundred years together.

Core Values

“A people-oriented company giving back to society with high quality products”

“People-oriented” means HELI takes its employees, customers, shareholders and related partners as its foundation, striving to achieve long-term development and profit maximization. 

We respect and rely on our employees, achieving staff loyalty. The company has become a trustworthy place for employees, who grow up at HELI and contribute to the company’s sustainable development.

Aiming to continuously improve human work and life quality, HELI always tries to make its equipment handling more relaxed, efficient and environmentally friendly. HELI creates quality products – including spare parts – to give back to society and enhance customer satisfaction. “Giving back to society with high quality products” is the extension of “people-oriented” as well as a guarantee to defend related partners’ interests. It also reflects HELI’s desire to fully accept its social responsibility.

“Giving back to society with high quality  products”

High quality products are part of the company’s DNA. We give something back to society by using quality products, meeting customer needs, promoting staff development and continually improving together with our upstream and downstream customers / suppliers.Refined product is the extension of new products. On one hand, it reflects all products and services HELI provided are in high quality, on the other hand, it reflects our management level and other works are all in high quality. Use refined products to repay the society is the need of social development, is the need of development of customer requirement, also the fundamental of company development. 

Company spirit

Be realistic, innovative, united, and effective


This is the cornerstone of HELI’s continued progress: a constant pursuit of honesty by the HELI staff.

In one sense, it means that all the products and services HELI provides are high quality, and in another sense it means that our management and governance are high quality.  


The focus is on our people, The key is to create an environment where everyone is innovative, and that drives development.


HELI emphasizes the need for unity among leaders, employees, departments, upstream and downstream suppliers.


HELI is in constant pursuit of high efficiency, high effectiveness and high profit. We use advanced production methods, products and services to improve our market share. We reward our shareholders, country, society and all employees by high profits.

Company style

Meticulous, fast operation

“Company style” refers to our employees’ attitudes, commitment, confidence, habits and accountability.

“Meticulous” stands for employees’ dedication to their work. “Fast operation” requires all of the company’s decision making, production, sales and other aspects to keep abreast of market development as it happens. 

“Meticulous” requires everybody at HELI to demonstrate a  strong sense of responsibility and honesty in everything they do. Bolster all employees’ self-esteem, provide opportunities for every employee, and make every employee wish to take up the challenge. Make every employee have personal value and organizational value. Encourage and reward employees’ enthusiasm and hard work.

“Fast operation” requires everybody to react fast to the ever-changing market. 

Individual values

1. Market view: customer oriented.
2. Work ethic: the value of life, the joy of living.
3. Quality view: the quality of the staff.
4. Talent view: learning ability, practical ability, innovative ability.
5. Benefit view: pay equal attention to economic benefits and social benefits.
6. Development view: sustainable, healthy and steady development.
7. Brand view: shape the brand with high quality products, develop the brand using innovative ability.
8. Cooperation view: achieving win-win situation.

Ten Guidelines

1. Law-abiding, honest and pragmatic.

2. Rely on employees, whose loyalty boosts Heli’s success.

3. Maintain a positive attitude.

4. Customer expectations are the source of our improvement.

5. Adopt the working style of being on site, discovering the reality, handling it at once.

6. Respect facts, data and results.

7. Continuous innovation and improvement.

8. Cooperate together and pursue excellence.

9. Pursue sustainable, steady and healthy development.

10. Serve the country through the industry.

These ten guidelines have brought HELI success for the past  50 years and they also shape our future development strategy. All HELI people should vigorously promote these concepts, principles and methods, working together.