Oil & Gas

There are millions of barrels circulating on your site and optimization is your daily challenge.
So performance should not be hindered by inefficient or defective vehicles.
Choosing forklifts and accessories from Heli ensures you a high level of quality and productivity. Transport barrels, containers or pallets without difficulty with the right clamps or forks. Customize and modulate your forklift accessories quickly according to your needs.
Moving loads is not the real challenge but the speed of execution, operator comfort, ease of forklift operation, durable accessories and ease of vehicle maintenance. We get it and that’s exactly the service Heli Canada offers. That’s exactly how HELI products respond to your daily challenges.
Get the right advice and all the assistance you need from our team of experts so that you can build a more efficient fleet adapted to your reality.

Working conditions:

  • Dirt, dust, mud, and high ambient temperatures
  • Need fully sealed air intake system and high air intake to keep dust and debris out and keep your equipment running longer.
  • Demands durable and reliable equipment

Suggested models:

  • All class 5 model (Pneumatic IC forklift)