Intermodal Shipping/Ports

The handling of containers for rail or sea transport requires robust and specialized tools.

Therefore, you must avoid at all costs vehicle breakdowns that would slow down your production and performance.

Heli Canada has the expertise to provide trucks and accessories that can give you peace of mind. Our “heavy-duty” forklifts are powerful and offer the flexibility you need to transport your goods.

Our trucks are perfectly suited for heavy loads, are weather resistant and comply with current safety standards. The speed of the vehicles and the ease of driving and operating them will facilitate the return on your investment. In addition to offering a great deal of comfort to drivers, our forklifts contain many technological tools that allow you to properly manage and plan maintenance. 

Take advantage of all our expertise, driver assistance and remote diagnostic technology when you choose a Heli Canada vehicle or accessory.

Working conditions:

  • Transporting containers between rail, road, and sea requires a variety of specialized material handling equipment.
  • EPA/CARB regulations
  • Fast-paced work environment
  • Safety

Suggested models:

HELI’s container handlers, reach stackers, and high-capacity forklifts are heavy-duty workhorses designed to efficiently keep containers on the move at ports, railways, and beyond.