Freight equipments

The idea of ​​freight indicates the need to be constantly on the move. Whether you are transporting your products within your region or across America, you need reliable and robust freight equipments that you can expect on every day.

The durability of HELI forklifts is well established. Indeed, HELI forklifts are among the most reliable in the world. As one of the largest producers of lifting equipment, HELI has managed over the decades of manufacturing to produce reliable and robust forklifts.

Benefiting from the state of the art of technology and more than 60 years of development, HELI freight equipments is the perfect choice for intense use.

The wide range of HELI forklifts trucks will meet the needs inherent in your business operations. From light and compact electric pallet trucks for the interior of your trailer to robust forklifts for heavy loads, the ideal transport equipment for you can be found at a HELI dealer.

Worker with freight equipments

Freight equipments working conditions:

  • Always on the move
  • Durability, and reliability over the life of the forklift

Suggested models:

  • Heavy-duty IC Pneumatic forklift
  • Class 1, 3 and 5 models