Lumber Yards

The handling of loads is not always obvious in lumber yards.

Usually, accidents and productivity losses occur when an accessory is not adapted to your reality. 

Heli Canada has a wide range of accessories that can offer exactly the type of tools you need. Thinner, longer or shorter forks? No matter what option you want, no matter how cramped the environment in which your forklifts operate, our experts will be able to advise you. 

In addition of using their knowledge of Heli products and their experience in the world of forklift trucks, they are the best allies you can have when choosing an accessory or a forklift. 

Seize the opportunity to have the opinion of a Heli Canada specialist to accompany you and offer you advice to optimize your performance in a lumber yard.

Working conditions:

  • Wide variety of types, sizes, and finished products
  • Challenge of picking and building loads

Suggested models:

  • Pneumatic IC forklift