Fishery forklifts

The importance for every fishery to provide quality products and a stable supply is challenging. Fish products need to be processed quickly and efficiently to maintain superior quality and freshness. HELI’s fishery forklifts are ideal for your needs.

From the boat to the consumer’s plate, each processing step will have an impact on the final taste of the product. It is therefore of utmost importance that each phase of preparation be supported by reliable and robust equipment so as not to compromise quality.

The fishing industry is also subject to environmental standards regulating gas emissions.

HELI’s container handlers, reach stackers and high capacity forklifts are tough workhorses you will require to guarantee consistent quality worthy of your reputation.

From unloading at the quayside to transportation logistics between sea, rail and road and supply inside the factory, Heli has the best fishery forklifts for all your needs.

Infographic on the functions performed by HELI fishery forklifts in the processing procedure.

Working conditions:

  • Transporting containers between rail, road, and sea requires a variety of specialized material handling equipment. 
  • EPA/CARB regulations
  • Fast-paced work environment
  • Safety

Suggested models:

HELI’s container handlers, reach stackers, and high-capacity forklifts are heavy-duty workhorses designed to efficiently keep containers on the move at ports, railways, and beyond.

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