HELI Canada is proud of its reliable service force in Canada with over 200 forklift service technicians throughout its dealer network across the country. When your HELI forklift needs service, our extensive network of highly trained and experienced technicians will get your machine repaired and back into service quickly and efficiently, making sure you get the service you need to keep your HELI equipment running and performing at peak efficiency. HELI service technicians have both the hands-on experience and the training to stay abreast of new technologies, new equipment and the service they require. HELI dealers can also tailor a service plan to meet your specific needs.


Our exceptional staff of fully trained and experienced technicians are dedicated to keeping your equipment up and running with phone dispatched field service vans, completely equipped for on-location service and repairs. If replacement equipment is needed during times of maintenance, our extensive fleet of well-maintained forklift trucks is available for rent to keep your operation running smoothly.


From batteries and chargers to belts, filters, starters and much more, HELI Canada can supply the attachments, accessories and parts you need. To top it all off, we guarantee that all forklift parts and accessories meet OEM specifications. Every replacement part is backed by an industry 6-month warranty.

HELI Canada also offers quality replacement parts to keep your HELI forklift truck fleet moving. We carefully select replacement parts using the same criteria as when we make our own parts.

Our forklift parts staff members are highly trained to answer your questions and help you make the decision that best fits your operation. Whether you are adding an attachment or replacing a part, our goal will always be to help you find the right solution that will improve the efficiency of your business.

HELI Canada’s 10,000 square foot warehouse infrastructure offers access to over 1 million competitively priced forklift parts for HELI forklift trucks.


HELI Canada provides extensive training to our dealers to ensure that they have the high-level knowledge, skills and experience to keep your state-of-the-art lift trucks running at peak performance.


The quality, durability and performance of our material handling equipment are reflected in the strength of our warranties. We stand behind our products with our Zero-Cost 5-Year Warranty Policy, one of the best standard warranties in the industry. Every Class I, II, IV and V new HELI brand forklift supplied by HELI Canada comes with our “Zero-Cost” 5-Year Warranty covering a vast range of components. Contact your local dealer for details about the policy.

Fleet Intelligent Control System (FICS)

As an option, all HELI forklift trucks can be equipped with our FICS System which is a smart information system using cloud computing and Internet of Things technology. It can help fleet managers monitor the operation of the fleet and the performance of drivers in real time. The software platform provides optimization analysis for operational investment, equipment maintenance and operational efficiency via integrated smart terminals that collect data. FICS can help you easily manage the fleet, reduce operating costs, improve oveall efficiency and safety. It can also customize fleet optimization solutions for you.