The needs of the retail trade are as varied as the goods that transit through your warehouses.
The mistake is to rely on a forklift or pallet truck performing only part of the tasks required to keep your warehouses running smoothly.
Your forklift operators will have to turn, lift, load, unload and transport all kinds of boxes and equipment in sometimes cramped or difficult to access areas. It’s simply unthinkable to buy a forklift for every circumstance or type of material to be transported! At Heli Canada, there are forklifts adapted to your reality that can be customized depending on the situation.
Are you going to choose an electric pallet truck or a propane forklift? No matter what type of power supply you choose, Heli Canada has a vehicle catalog offering all types of power supplies, as well as specialists and the necessary documentation to help you make the right choice.
Use our tools to increase your productivity and improve the work of your drivers with Heli forklifts. Do you have questions about purchasing, advice or training? Heli Canada’s team of specialists and experts are there to support you.

Working conditions:

  • Loading and unloading trailers quickly, efficiently, and with minimal product damage
  • Varying trailer types and heights combined with diverse product types and sizes

Suggested models:

  • Electric walkie pallet jack
  • Rider pallet jack
  • Electric forklift