The pallet truck, the king of the retail


In addition to offering standard forklift models, Heli Canada also provides a wide range of pallet trucks, like the CBDJ15-LI2, both powered and battery operated, including pedestrian and rider pallet trucks. If your operations require the lifting and handling of loads in limited or congested spaces, such as warehouses or small loading docks, choosing a power pallet truck could prove to be the most reliable, maintenance-free and economical solution for your business.

Heli Canada’s equipment for indoor use is versatile, rugged and all designed to increase your productivity without sacrificing operator comfort. Here are some of the key benefits and features.

Increase your productivity

The CBD15J-LI2 provides high-capacity performance and improved energy efficiency, making our model one of the most useful and renowned pallet trucks on the market due to its great maneuverability, sturdiness and low maintenance requirements. Thanks to its LI-Ion battery in addition to its tight turning radius, Heli’s pallet truck provides precise power control, quick command response and great safety for your team. 

Operator comfort is our priority

In addition to its reliable and maintenance-free power system, the Heli electric pallet truck offers easy steering control with ergonomic handles and fingertip controls. Operators also benefit of an emergency stop button, which ensures safe maneuvering in tight spaces.

Simplify maintenance

The Heli CBD15J greatly reduces your maintenance needs thanks to its improved battery, which allows for increased uptime and faster charging time. The LI-Ion battery with no memory allows short charges without damaging the battery life. Another attraction is its toughness and engineering. Everything has been thought out to simplify its maintenance as much as possible: easy access to hydraulic parts, heavy-duty materials and we have a customer support team that makes our great reputation. 

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