Forkliftaction Media report on HELI’s lithium battery products


HELI lithium battery products grow rapidly

In recent years, with the development of the lithium battery industry, HELI lithium battery products sales have been growing rapidly.

HELI now has a 1-3.5t lithium battery forklift truck, and has also introduced a 1.6-2t lithium battery reach truck, a 1.5-2t lithium battery pallet truck, and a 20-30t lithium battery tow tractor.

HELI lithium battery products are supporting environmental protection, low noise, no acid mist volatilization, high efficiency and energy saving, and the charging efficiency is as high as 95%.

HELI’s products also offer an emergency power off device function.

The lithium battery is fully enclosed and requires no rehydration and dust protection, eliminating the need for routine maintenance.

With fast charge mode, two-hour charging is able to meet the requirements of one working shift. Charge at any time: it does not affect the battery life.

HELI provides a super long quality guarantee of 5 years or 10000 hours for each battery.

HELI always commits to research and develop high-end products with new technology to meet various customer’s needs.

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