A big deal of 13 HELI forklifts done by Keegan Forklift


Keegan Forklift, one of our authorized dealers in Ontario, has recently concluded a big deal of 13 foklifts (including 10 reach trucks) with Pioneer Family Pool. The deal shows again our HELI products are reliable and vastly recognized by the users on Canadian market. HELI Canada will continue to work hard in order to deliver a true value proposition to the dealer, their salesperson and ultimately to the customer. Congratulations to Keegan Forklift for the big deal!

Opening Ceremony of HELI Southeast Asia Co., Ltd

The opening ceremony of HELI Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. was held in Bangkok Thailand on May 28th, more than 100 people attended the ceremony...

New G3 Series 4-5t IC and Electric truck finally available for order

The new G3 Series 4-5t IC and Electric truck are finally available at HELI Canada from now on. This new G3 Series include CPCD40/45/50-DE1G3...