Is an electric forklift a good choice?


Falling battery costs and the intensive use of electric forklifts without loss of power make it a very competitive new player. If you would like to know more, click on the article below.

Is your aging fleet no longer sufficient to ensure the level of productivity you desire? Have you considered modernizing it with Li-Ion battery-powered forklifts? The price has dropped drastically, by more than 50%, and you can use it in continuous service without changing the battery. This new “no-memory” battery allows for intermediate or back-up loads. All you need is a wall outlet and you’re ready to go. Li-Ion technology consumes, on average, 30% less energy than older lead acid batteries. 

-In 40 minutes of charging, 60% of the total charge is recovered.

-In 1 hour of charging, the entire charge is recovered.

Why choose electric rather than propane in some cases?

Usually, electric forklifts take up less space than other types of fuel-powered vehicles. As a result, they can operate in smaller environments. Another advantage is that there are no toxic emissions or heat. There is no need for fuel system maintenance because the electric batteries do not need it. In summary, the electric forklift is made to work for a long time, requires little maintenance, can easily circulate in cramped places and is perfect for detail business.

Field Survey

In 2016, the H.& J. Brügen KG1 Group converted 66 forklifts in their fleet to Li-Ion-powered forklifts. Their main goal was to significantly increase their productivity and reduce their operating costs.

The strategy was built around 4 angles: 

  • a transparent cost (vehicle rental),
  • the high availability of the forklifts,
  • a much shorter battery recharging time,
  • an online fleet management software.

The result? The number of vehicles was reduced by 23.8% and they achieved better overall performance. 

The high availability of electric forklifts has led to a significant increase in efficiency and productivity: “We have a few forklifts that run 24 hours a day and are essential to our business, both in logistics and production. These new batteries, as we have become used to with our cell phones, can be recharged at any time in a matter of minutes. “according to Brügen